Drug Warehouse – Chemiscal – Medical Equipments Management Solution


Generation Introduction

  • Establish the perfect solution of managing medicine, chemiscal base on the GPP standard (Ministry of Public Health).
  • The software is flexible and easy to alter by user’s demand
  • Searching for medicine’s information is faster and more accurate than ever using the element of  expired date, cosignment’s number
  • Managing drug’s  history of  tranporting between warehouses.
  • Import and export medicine are now easy to control which lead to prevent loss.
  • Managing the price
  • Warning of the expired date and the limit of stocking.
  • Smartreport and statistic

The Features

  • Order of restocking medicine
  • Importing receipt
  • Order of transporting medicine
  • Adjustment storage
  • Export for selling
  • Returning medicine order
  • Quotation of price
  • Displaying the current of stock
  • Specification measurement
  • Stocktaking.

System Information

  • System information detail: Company’s name, Trading name, VAT code, Addresses, Phone number, Fax, Email, Website, Bank account, Representative person.
  • Manage item code, customer, supporter, supplier, import-export order.
  • Decentralize user.
  • Managing people’s priorities.

The Catalogues

  • Catalogue of medicine
  • Catelogue of medicine guidance
  • Catalogue of chemiscal
  • Catalogue of suppliers
  • Indentify suppliers
  • Catalogue of producers
  • Catalogue of national (medicine’s information)
  • Catalogue of measurement
  • Catalogue of management
  • Catalogue of specification

Drug Warehouse Management

  • Steadily managing restocking medicine
  • Allow creating order of transporting medicine between drug warehouses
  • Allow creating quotation of  price
  • Selling medicine to hospital’s patients or vendors.
  • Receiving medicine back from customer for many reasons
  • Checking the current storage in anytime
  • Stocktaking and adjustment storage
  • Report - Statistic.

We are deloying this system for companies and customers as follows:

 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital - Website:http://mekonghospital.vn/