Falcon Enterprise System (FES)

General Introduction

        FES is built to become a basic program as well as coding standards for almost  Windows programs of Falcon software.

        FES bases on the foundation of  SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory) _ CAB (Composite UI Application Block), uses WPF technology to make interface, WCF for information transmission.

Technologies are used in FES

SCSF – Smart Client Software Factory

  • Contact: http://smartclient.codeplex.com/
  • SCSF is a pattern kind offered and suggested to use in applications of Client-Sever model by Microsoft.
  • This model allows to manage a lot of software packages in the same time such as: Personnel-Time management of salary, accounting, warehouse management, sales,... by declaring the program's elements.

WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation

  • In SCSF-CAB's model, WPF is used for customer communication.
  • Microsoft said that this was a new progress in windows application building system with sleek, splendid and professional interface.
  • With the above pictures ma be enough interesting you. In addition to WPF also has some strong points as  follows:

-     Fully suporting to develop interface: Graphic interface ( form, control), text, picture, sound, 2D,3D graphic program,....

-     WPF depends on Vestor graphic program that allows pictures to adjust size automatically to become more appropriate with resolution.

-     Building work environment between designers and developers more easily.

  • Easily unify interface of windows and web applications. It can operate on Windows and web under XBAP form.

WCF – Windows Communication Foundation 

  • In SCSF, CAB's model, WCF is used to inform between Client and Server.
  • WCF includes in all past network and web technologies such as: WebService, Remoting, Socket.

Building Element

FES interface

  • Arranging levels.
  • Abilities to change theme: the users can change color, font of word as well as light condition in the work place like their favors.
  • Changing colour and adjust Font of word to help people see clearer with bigger letters.

Cell – Polar

  • Cell is a basic element used in almost foundation libraries of FES. Cell is known that it is a character of a subject, when the character changes , there are lots of actions happening

Log Structure

  • To see operating pictures of software in all process, serve for cheking error, maintenance and storage system...
  • Supporting picture structure on each module ( software functions) as well as levels ( secrious, needing to see again, normal,....)
    Paging and Filter

  • Allow users who can search and see data

Data Grid

  • Appearing quickly with the large number of data: apply for load demand technology, show some word in need for appearing. Some data hides in memory when the users scroll it begins to draw.

And a lot of other functions

  • Falcon Enterprise System is still being developed to become more perfect and optimal by FSW.
  • In addition to, FSW also develop open resource system for website  and Portal services such as SharePoint, DotNetNuke, WordPress to meet customer's urgent demands